Apple and Google in Talks to Integrate Gemini AI on iPhones

Apple and Google in Talks to Integrate Gemini AI on iPhones

Mar 18 Tech Standard

Tech giants Apple and Google might be teaming up in an unexpected way. According to a Bloomberg News report, the two companies are reportedly in talks to bring Google's powerful Gemini artificial intelligence engine to iPhones.

This potential partnership could be a game-changer. Imagine having access to Gemini's capabilities directly on your iPhone. The report suggests that Apple is looking to license Gemini for some new features planned for the upcoming iPhone software update, iOS 18. This could include functions like generating images or writing essays based on simple prompts – all powered by Gemini's AI prowess.

The news sent shockwaves through the market. Alphabet, Google's parent company, saw its shares jump over 6% in early trading, while Apple's stock rose by 2.5%. This potential deal holds significant implications for both companies.

For Google, it's a chance to significantly expand the reach of Gemini. By integrating it into iPhones, Google's AI engine could gain access to over 2 billion active Apple devices. This would be a major boost in Google's efforts to compete with Microsoft-backed OpenAI, whose ChatGPT AI model has gained significant traction.

For Apple, a Gemini-powered iPhone could address investor concerns about the company's slow adoption of AI technology. This collaboration might also help Apple regain its crown as the world's most valuable company, a title it recently lost due to a decline in its share price.

However, a potential Apple-Google AI partnership could raise concerns from regulators. Google already faces scrutiny for allegedly stifling competition by paying Apple to maintain search engine dominance. This new deal might invite even closer examination from regulatory bodies.

Despite the potential hurdles, analysts remain optimistic. Industry experts see this as a strategic move for both companies. Apple gets access to cutting-edge AI technology, while Google expands its reach and potentially revitalizes its search dominance.

With both companies set to hold major developer conferences in the coming months, we can expect to hear more about their AI plans. Will we see a confirmed Apple-Google Gemini collaboration announced at WWDC in June? Only time will tell, but this potential partnership is definitely something to keep an eye on.


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