Battlegrounds Mobile India Discontinuing?

Battlegrounds Mobile India Discontinuing?

The future of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in India hangs in the balance. A recent report suggests that the Indian government's cybersecurity division is recommending the game's discontinuation, citing concerns about potential cyber threats and illegal activities related to the game.

This news comes just ten months after BGMI's re-launch in India, following a year-long ban imposed in 2022 over security concerns. While the game received a temporary approval period, ongoing worries about data security and potential misuse have resurfaced. Notably, BGMI's data storage in the U.S. and the possibility of transfer to other locations raise concerns for Indian authorities.

The potential discontinuation of BGMI could have significant repercussions for the Indian gaming industry. The game boasts over 100 million downloads and a massive esports presence, contributing significantly to the country's rapidly growing gaming market. Furthermore, Krafton's recent investments and initiatives aimed at fostering the Indian gaming ecosystem, including a $150 million investment and a gaming incubator, could be jeopardized.

While addressing national security concerns is crucial, the potential impact on the Indian gaming industry and foreign investment cannot be ignored. All stakeholders involved, including Krafton and the Indian government, must find a solution that addresses security concerns while allowing the Indian gaming industry to flourish. The coming weeks are likely to be crucial in determining the fate of BGMI and the broader video game ecosystem in India.


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