Bengaluru's Thirst, Silicon Valley Parched Before Summer Heat

Bengaluru's Thirst, Silicon Valley Parched Before Summer Heat

Feb 21 India Standard

India's IT hub, Bengaluru, is facing a worrying water crisis months before the peak summer season. This has residents rationing their water use, paying double the usual price for tankers, and fearing even higher prices in the coming months.

The culprit? Weak monsoon rains that have depleted groundwater and reduced water levels in the Cauvery River, the city's main source. This has led to residents paying as much as ₹2,000 for a 12,000-liter tanker, compared to ₹1,200 just a month ago.

The situation could worsen as summer approaches, with residents fearing even water tanker deliveries might be unreliable due to the scarcity. The city is appealing for additional water from the Cauvery basin, but the immediate future looks grim.

This crisis isn't just about inconvenience, it's a stark reminder of the environmental cost of Bengaluru's rapid development. The city has lost 79% of its water bodies and 88% of its green cover in just four decades, replaced by concrete jungles that prevent groundwater recharge.

This water shortage is a wake-up call for Bengaluru and other fast-growing Indian cities. Sustainable development that prioritizes green spaces and water conservation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for their future.


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