Bernard Hill, From Yosser to Rohan

Bernard Hill, From Yosser to Rohan


English actor Bernard Hill (1944–1924) is most remembered for his roles in Wolf Hall, Boys from the Black Stuff, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy as Théoden and Captain Smith, respectively. He had a long career in theater, television, and movies.

Early life

The birthplace of Bernard Hill is Blackley, Manchester. He was raised in a mining family that practiced Catholicism. After graduating from Xaverian College, Hill enrolled at the Manchester Polytechnic School of Drama, where he studied alongside fellow actor Richard Griffiths. He received a diploma in theater in 1970.


Theoden from "The Lord of the Rings" and Captain Smith from "The Titanic" are two well-known parts played by British actor Bernard Hill. He appeared on BBC's "The Black Stuff" as Yosser Hughes as well.

Personal life

Gabriel was the couple's kid. Bernard Hill was married to American actress Marianna Hill. He was a devoted follower of Manchester United, an English football team, and lived in Suffolk.


On May 5, 2024, Hill passed away at the age of 79.



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