Bitcoin Bull Run when Will the Party End? Experts Weigh In

Bitcoin Bull Run when Will the Party End? Experts Weigh In

Feb 28 Tech Standard

As Bitcoin flirts with a new all-time high, the cryptocurrency community is abuzz with chatter about the bull run's longevity. Crypto analyst Ben Armstrong throws his hat into the ring, predicting a peak on April 1st, 2025, based on historical cycles suggesting an 18-month bull run timeframe. However, he acknowledges an alternative scenario where the current surge might be fueled by the recent launch of Bitcoin spot ETFs, rather than representing a genuine bull run. In this case, Armstrong suggests the true bull run could be just beginning, potentially peaking post-halving in October 2025 and reaching a staggering price of $200,000. This aligns with the prediction of legendary trader Peter Brandt, who also sees a similar timeframe and price target.

Despite these expert opinions, a definitive answer to the "when will the party end?" question remains elusive. The cryptocurrency market, notorious for its volatility, is subject to diverse influences, making accurate predictions challenging. Investors should approach any cryptocurrency investment with caution and conduct thorough research, carefully evaluating expert opinions within the context of their own risk tolerance and investment goals. Ultimately, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of crypto requires a blend of insightful analysis, prudent caution, and a healthy dose of respect for market unpredictability.



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