Celo Chooses Optimism's OP Stack for Layer-2 Network

Celo Chooses Optimism's OP Stack for Layer-2 Network

Apr 22 Tech Standard

Celo, a blockchain platform, has chosen Optimism's OP Stack to build its layer-2 network on top of Ethereum. This decision comes after an eight-month evaluation process where Celo considered various layer-2 solutions including Arbitrum Orbit, zkSync's ZK Stack, and Polygon CDK.

Celo's decision to migrate to a layer-2 network stems from their belief in a more prosperous future within the Ethereum ecosystem. OP Stack emerged as the best fit for their needs after extensive due diligence. Notably, Celo highlights OP Stack's potential compatibility with components from other layer-2 teams, like Polygon's Type 1 prover.

This is a significant win for Optimism, whose OP Stack is gaining traction. Major players like Coinbase and Worldcoin have already chosen OP Stack for their layer-2 solutions (Base and World Chain respectively). The Optimism Foundation views Celo's in-depth evaluation and ultimate selection of OP Stack as a positive sign for the technology's potential.


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