Crypto Watchdog's Top Lawyer Jumps Ship, Leaving Ripple & Coinbase Battles Behind

Crypto Watchdog's Top Lawyer Jumps Ship, Leaving Ripple & Coinbase Battles Behind

Feb 21 Tech Standard

Ladan Stewart, the head of the SEC's crypto and cyber litigation unit, has resigned to join White & Case, a major law firm. This move comes after her involvement in high-profile lawsuits against Ripple and Coinbase, two leading players in the digital asset space.

Stewart's tenure at the SEC was marked by these crucial cases. In the Ripple lawsuit, she was part of the team accusing the company of selling XRP as an unregistered security. While a judge initially ruled in Ripple's favor, the SEC appealed, highlighting the ongoing legal uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies.

Similarly, Stewart led the legal action against Coinbase for allegedly operating as an unregistered securities exchange. This case further amplified calls for clearer regulations from the industry, which views the SEC's approach as reactive and lacking in concrete guidelines.

Now, Stewart takes her expertise to White & Case, aiming to build a dedicated crypto and cyber defense practice. Her move reflects the growing demand for legal services in this rapidly evolving space.

While Stewart's departure doesn't necessarily signify a shift in the SEC's stance on crypto, it underscores the complex legal landscape surrounding these assets. Both the Ripple and Coinbase cases remain unresolved, with broader implications for the entire industry.

Key takeaways

Former SEC crypto chief joins White & Case.

Stewart was involved in lawsuits against Ripple and Coinbase.

Her move reflects growing legal services demand in the crypto space.

Ripple and Coinbase cases remain unresolved, impacting the industry.


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