Dwarakish has passed away , all you need to know about him

Dwarakish has passed away , all you need to know about him

About him

In Kannada cinema, Dwarakish (1942–2024) was a well-known figure!  He made his mark in the profession as an actor, director, and producer. His birth name was Bungle Shama Rao Dwarakanath.  Even C. V. Shivashankar, another Kannada filmmaker, gave him his stage name, Dwarakish.

Early life

Dwarakish (1942–2024) was a man who pursued his aspirations in addition to being a well-known Kannada actor!  Even though he had an engineering diploma at first and even owned a business, the allure of acting proved to be too much.  Dwarakish left everything behind in 1963 to pursue his dream profession in movies because of his enthusiasm, not because of his family connection—a well-known filmmaker was his uncle.

Film career

Dwarkish began his career in cinema with a little role in his uncle Hunasur Krishnamoorty's film "Veera Sankalpa," as a prince. Later on, he appeared in a few cameos in the films Satya Harischandra and Maduve Madi Nodu. Then, in 1966, Dwarakish and two other people co-produced the film Mamatheya Bandhana under the Thunga Pictures label.[2] His debut independent film, Mayor Muthanna (1969), which starred Bharathi and Dr. Rajkumar in the key roles, was a box office hit.[5] Dwarakish brought Kannada cinema a string of box office triumphs consecutively for the next twenty years, following Mayor Muthanna.


Actor Dwarakish was more than that! Also, he directed movies such as "Dance Raja Dance," which provided numerous debutantes in Kannada cinema with their big break.  Despite obstacles, his hard work paid off in 2004 when his production, "Apthamitra," became a huge hit.


Film legend Dwarakish from Kannada had a lot of firsts!  In addition to transitioning from engineering to acting, he was the first Kannada producer to sign well-known vocalist Kishore Kumar. Together, they created the popular song "Aadu Aata Aadu," which established Dwarakish as a great innovator.

Records and awards

Actor, director, and producer Dwarakish (1942–2024) made a lasting impression in Kannada cinema. Though he began his career in engineering, his love of performing brought him to the big screen. In addition to performing, he also directed movies and introduced well-known musician Kishore Kumar to Kannada cinema! His hard work paid off with the critically acclaimed "Apthamitra," the first Kannada film to be shot outside of India.


In Bengaluru, on April 16, 2024, Dwarakish passed away after a heart attack. His age was eighty-one.


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