Farmers vs Modi Black Day Protests Escalate as Elections Near

Farmers vs Modi Black Day Protests Escalate as Elections Near

Feb 23 India Standard

Indian farmers demanding better crop prices are upping the ante with nationwide protests, just months before national elections. Their frustration boiled over on "Black Day," with effigy burnings of Prime Minister Modi and demands for guaranteed minimum prices.

Thousands marching towards Delhi were stopped by security forces, but farmer leaders remain resolute. A series of "mega programmes" are planned, including tractor rallies and public meetings, highlighting escalating tensions.

The death of a protester during Wednesday's march adds fuel to the fire. Farmers blame police aggression and refuse an autopsy until a murder case is filed. Amnesty International has condemned the incident, urging respect for peaceful assembly rights.

With elections looming, the government faces a critical test. Can they address farmer concerns or face potential electoral consequences? The coming weeks will be crucial, as this struggle unfolds against the backdrop of a crucial political contest.


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