Horror in India, Tourist Couple Attacked, Woman Gang-Raped

Horror in India, Tourist Couple Attacked, Woman Gang-Raped

Mar 04 India Standard

A horrifying attack has shaken travelers and locals alike in eastern India. A Spanish couple on a motorcycle trip were reportedly brutalized by a group of men, with the woman being gang-raped.

Nightmare on the Road

Details remain scarce, but authorities believe seven men are involved. Police found the couple, visibly beaten, on the side of the road late Friday night. The location was near where they had camped, unable to find nearby hotels.

Speaking Out

The couple, identified as Vicente and Fernanda, bravely shared their ordeal on social media. In a video interview, Fernanda, a dual Brazilian-Spanish citizen, described the horrific assault. The video has since been removed.

A Fight for Justice

Despite the trauma, Vicente and Fernanda are determined to see justice served. They have received an outpouring of support from their followers online, where they document their travels.

Authorities Take Action

Indian police have swiftly apprehended three suspects and are actively searching for the remaining four. A forensic investigation is underway to aid in the case.

International Concern

The attack has garnered international attention. Both the Spanish and Brazilian governments have mobilized their embassies in New Delhi to offer support to the couple and ensure a thorough investigation.

This brutal crime raises serious concerns about tourist safety in India. As authorities continue their investigation, the travel community waits with bated breath for the capture of the remaining perpetrators and a sense of justice for the victims.


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