India to Strengthen Border with Myanmar, Fence, Roads Planned

India to Strengthen Border with Myanmar, Fence, Roads Planned

Mar 27 India Standard


India is investing heavily in securing its border with Myanmar. A multi-billion dollar plan aims to construct a fence along the 1,610-kilometer frontier to curb smuggling and illegal activities. This move follows the end of a visa-free policy for Myanmar citizens due to security concerns and potential demographic shifts in India's northeastern region.

The project, estimated to cost $3.7 billion, includes not just a fence but also a network of roads. Parallel roads will run alongside the fence, while feeder roads will connect military bases to the border, improving accessibility and security measures. The hilly terrain and advanced technology incorporated into the fence contribute to the higher cost compared to previous border fencing projects.

This initiative comes amidst a complex situation in Myanmar. The 2021 military coup triggered an influx of refugees fleeing to neighboring Indian states. Shared ethnicities and familial ties across the border raise concerns about potential social unrest in India. Additionally, the porous border is seen as a factor in the ongoing tensions within India's northeastern state of Manipur, which shares a border with Myanmar.


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