India's 2024 General Elections, A Comprehensive Overview

India's 2024 General Elections, A Comprehensive Overview

May 07 India Standard


The 44-day general elections in India, scheduled for April 19–June 1, 2024, will be the longest in history. Of the 1.4 billion inhabitants, about 970 million are able to cast a ballot. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is running for reelection a third time. In addition, by-elections in 25 constituencies and elections for legislative assemblies in various states fall within the same election cycle. The results date back to June 4, 2024.


Contemporary politics and previous elections

The Indian National Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are the two main political parties in India. The BJP has ruled under Narendra Modi's direction since 2014. The term of the current Lok Sabha expires on June 16, 2024. The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance, led by Prime Minister Modi, became the government following the 2019 general election.

Electoral system

The Constitution's Article 83 requires Lok Sabha elections to be held every five years. 968 million people will be able to cast ballots in 2024. The Supreme Court denied a request to switch back to paper ballots and maintained electronic voting equipment. There are options, including special ones like a single-voter polling station in Arunachal Pradesh, for voters who are elderly or disabled.


It is vital to keep an eye on campaign spending during a Lok Sabha election and to stop illegal activity. Campaigns halt in the final 48 hours to preserve order. Strict regulations guard against improper influence on election day, while Booth Level Officer support and sealed electronic voting machines guarantee a seamless procedure.

Election schedule

The Model Code of Conduct came into effect on March 16, 2024, when the Election Commission of India announced the dates of the 18th Lok Sabha elections. June 16, 2024 is when the 17th Lok Sabha's term is scheduled to end.

















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