Inter Miami CF, A Fusion of Legacy and Ambition

Inter Miami CF, A Fusion of Legacy and Ambition


Inter Miami CF, a team established by David Beckham. A Major League Soccer team based in Miami, in 2018. Even though they are a young side, they have become well-known throughout the world because David Beckham and Lionel Messi, who they signed in 2023. That same year, they won the Leagues Cup, their first significant prize, thanks in part to their star power. Inter Miami, valued at an estimated $1.03 billion, is rapidly making a name for itself in the Major League Soccer (MLS).


After the Miami Fusion folded in 2001, Major League Soccer's attempt to resurrect a Miami team was a wild ride. In 2008, a bid sponsored by Barcelona offered great prospects, but it was abandoned by 2009. This wasn't the first false dawn; future attempts were impeded by worries about supporter interest and inadequate stadium planning.

Let's introduce David Beckham. He had the option to purchase an MLS franchise at a reduced cost in 2007 as part of his contract. After he retired in 2013, MLS and Simon Fuller, Beckham's manager, resumed discussions regarding Miami. Other investors expressed interest, including Miami Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross, so Beckham wasn't the only one.

When Miami-Dade County commissioners approved talks with Beckham's firm for a new downtown stadium in December 2013, things started to move in the right direction. The goal finally came true in 2018 after funding and a stadium design were secured (mostly because to Beckham's relationship with the Mas brothers of MasTec construction).

With its 2020 start, Inter Miami CF not only brought Major League Soccer back to South Florida but also had a strong historical link. Ray Hudson, a former Fusion coach, is now a pundit, and Chris Henderson, a former Fusion player, is back as the Sporting Director. Even Diego Alonso, their first coach, had supervised Rodolfo Pizarro, the future star of Inter Miami. The biggest impact on Inter Miami, nevertheless, was to come from the future rather than the past. The youthful team shot to prominence across the globe thanks to the star power of David Beckham and the later signing of Lionel Messi.

Current Players

1   GK            United States           USA                     Drake Callender
5   MF           Spain                          ESP                      Sergio Busquets (DP)
6   DF            Argentina                  ARG                     Tomás  Avilés
8   FW           Ecuador                     ECU                     Leonardo  Campana (DP)
9   FW           Uruguay                    URU                    Luis Suárez
10 FW           Argentina                  ARG                     Lionel Messi (captain; DP)
11  MF           Argentina                  ARG                     Facundo Farías
13  GK           United States           USA                     CJ dos Santos
15  DF           United States           USA                      Ryan Sailor
16  MF          Finland                      FIN                      Robert Taylor
17  DF           United States           USA                      Ian Fray (HG)
18  DF           Spain                         ESP                      Jordi Alba
19  FW          United States           USA                     Robbie Robinson
20  MF          Paraguay                  PAR                     Diego Gómez
21  DF           Argentina                 ARG                     Nicolás Freire (on loan from UNAM)
24  DF          United States           USA                     Julian Gressel
26  DF          United States           USA                     Tyler Hall (HG)
27  DF          Ukraine                     UKR                     Serhiy Kryvtsov
30  MF         United States           USA                     Benjamin Cremaschi (HG)
32  DF          United States           USA                     Noah Allen (HG)
33  DF          Argentina                 ARG                     Franco Negri
35  FW         United States            USA                     Felipe Valencia (HG)
41  MF          Honduras                 HON                    David Ruiz (HG)
42  MF         Italy                           ITA                       Yannick Bright
43  MF         United States           USA                      Lawson Sunderland
49  FW         Haiti                          HAI                       Shanyder Borgelin (HG)
55  MF          Argentina                ARG                       Federico Redondo
57  DF           Argentina                ARG                       Marcelo Weigandt
62  DF      Dominican Republic DOM                      Israel Boatwright (HG)
73  FW          Brazil                        BRA                       Leo Afonso
81  MF        United States            USA                        Santiago Morales (HG)
99  GK        United States            USA                        Cole Jensen

Inter Miami CF, More Than Just a Team

Not only is Inter Miami CF a brand-new MLS team bringing soccer back to Miami (post-Fusion). Under the direction of David Beckham, they unite ambition (Beckham, Messi) with legacy (Fusion ties) to become a representation of Miami's dynamic soccer culture.


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