Krunal Pandya, All you need to know about him

Krunal Pandya, All you need to know about him


Krunal Pandya is an all-rounder in Indian cricket team. He is a player for the Lucknow Super Giants and Baroda. In addition to being well-known for his slow left-arm bowling and left-handed batting, he owns the record for the fastest ODI fifty on debut. He is Hardik Pandya's older brother.

Domestic career

The ascent of Krunal Pandya was rapid. He wasn't simply good when he first appeared in 2016 with Baroda; he was overpowering. He demonstrated his all-around skill by becoming their leading scorer and wicket-taker in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. He then shown leadership by leading Baroda and securing a coveted position in India A thanks to his talent, which put him on the map.

His Career in IPL

An fantastic IPL career was given to Krunal Pandya by the Mumbai Indians. He stunned the cricket world with his 2016 debut, receiving Player of the Match awards for both his batting (2017 final) and bowling (group stage). Known for his versatility, he emerged as a key player for Michigan's championship-winning squad. However, their partnership came to an end when the Lucknow Super Giants acquired him at a huge sum in the 2022 auction.

His Global Career

To succeed, Krunal Pandya needed more than just dominance at home. In 2018, he was named to the Indian T20I team and took home the Player of the Match award for bowling. But 2021 turned out to be his true calling card abroad. He established a new record for the fastest ODI fifty in just 26 balls during his debut, showcasing his potent batting prowess across all formats and making history in cricket.

His Personal life 

Hardik Pandya, a fellow cricket player, has an older brother named Krunal. A family man off the pitch, he wed Pankhuri Sharma in 2017 and had a son in 2022. With a record-breaking ODI debut (quick fifty) in 2021, his career took off on the field. But there was also controversy that year after another cricket player accused him of wrongdoing. In 2022, he even experienced a social media fright when his Twitter account was hacked.

His Current team

The path of Krunal Pandya is one of skill and perseverance. All were amazed by his all-around skills, which led him to become an IPL star with the Mumbai Indians after dominating Baroda. He was selected for the Indian T20I team and went on to win Player of the Match. But there's still more! He made history in 2021 by debuting with the fastest ODI fifty. Now, with the Lucknow Super Giants, this dynamic all-around player never stops captivating crowds with his abilities.

Rise of Krunal Pandya

The journey Krunal Pandya has taken in cricket defies description. His all-around skill was evident on the IPL stage, as he demolished bowling attacks with his lefty swing in Baroda and confounded hitters with his sluggish left-arm bowling for the Mumbai Indians. Not only was he a crowd-pleaser, but he was also a game-changer, winning the T20Is Player of the Match title. But there's still more! He changed the record books in 2021 by achieving the fastest ODI fifty ever. Now, prepared to enthrall fans once more, this influential all-arounder joins the Lucknow Super Giants with his explosive batting and trickery.




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