MoonPay, Tonkeeper, and USDt Join Forces to Transform Ton Ecosystem

MoonPay, Tonkeeper, and USDt Join Forces to Transform Ton Ecosystem

Apr 24 Tech Standard

Exciting news for the TON community! MoonPay has partnered with Tonkeeper to facilitate the launch of USDt on The Open Network (TON). This collaboration aims to significantly improve the accessibility and usefulness of digital currencies for TON users.

Tonkeeper, a user-friendly self-custody wallet built on TON's innovative features, allows for fast and secure transactions with Toncoin and other cryptocurrencies. Thanks to MoonPay's recent integration, Tonkeeper users can now directly purchase Tether (USDt) within the wallet interface, offering a convenient way to acquire this stablecoin.

The USDt launch on TON is a major step forward, not just for the TON ecosystem but also for the ever-evolving Web3 landscape within Telegram's massive user base of over 900 million people worldwide. This partnership between TON and Tether will streamline peer-to-peer payments and empower Telegram users to make international transactions with ease.

This integration between MoonPay, Tonkeeper, and USDt goes beyond just adding a new stablecoin. It strengthens TON's mission to democratize finance globally and expand the usability of digital currencies. Toncoin holders and Tonkeeper users will gain access to a wider range of financial instruments, enriching their experience with digital assets. While the service is currently unavailable in the United States due to regulatory hurdles, its impact on the TON ecosystem's digital currency adoption is undeniable.

The USDt launch marks a significant milestone for DeFi (Decentralized Finance) on Telegram. It incentivizes DApp developers and system creators to prioritize scalability solutions, ultimately enhancing the usability of digital currencies for users by enabling effortless interaction with their assets. This partnership has the potential to solidify the TON ecosystem's financial infrastructure and pave the way for smooth and efficient transactions.


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