Niagara Falls Braces for Astronomical Boom as Solar Eclipse Drives Up Prices

Niagara Falls Braces for Astronomical Boom as Solar Eclipse Drives Up Prices

Mar 28 Science Standard

Niagara Falls is gearing up for a massive influx of visitors with the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8th. The astronomical event, casting a shadow over the majestic waterfalls, has businesses cashing in with sky-high prices on hotels and special activities.

Anticipation for the eclipse, the first total eclipse for Canada since 1979, has pushed hotel rates through the roof. Rooms typically priced around $200 a night are now reaching a staggering $1,000 or more, with some boasting falls views reaching a whopping $1,600. Even Airbnb rentals are heavily booked across the region.

Expected crowds are massive, with Ontario officials predicting up to a million visitors - a dramatic increase from the usual 14 million annual tourists. The excitement is palpable, with businesses like pizzerias staffing up and hoteliers offering special eclipse packages, including a "parking lot party" with live music for $10.

For some visitors, the cost is worth the experience. Professors like Jason Harlow are planning a family trip to witness the rare phenomenon, "something my kids will remember their whole lives." From vintage train rides to luxurious hotel rooms, Niagara Falls is preparing for a party under a darkened sky.


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