OrdinalsBot Secures $3 Million to Fuel Bitcoin Inscription Innovation

OrdinalsBot Secures $3 Million to Fuel Bitcoin Inscription Innovation

Mar 26 Tech Standard


OrdinalsBot, a leading platform for Bitcoin inscriptions, has secured over $3 million in seed funding to further develop its infrastructure and empower the Ordinals ecosystem. This brings their total funding to $4.5 million.

The funding round was led by DACM, with participation from industry heavyweights like Eden Block, Nural Capital, WWVentures, Lightning Ventures, and Oak Grove Ventures. This strong backing reflects the growing interest in Ordinals, a protocol enabling the inscription of data onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

Building the Future of Ordinals

OrdinalsBot aims to leverage this fresh capital to expand its team, particularly its development arm. This will allow them to create innovative solutions for users and developers within the Ordinals and broader Bitcoin ecosystem.

"We initially launched as the first automated inscription service," said Toby Lewis, OrdinalsBot co-founder. "We've since expanded significantly, and believe this next chapter will solidify our position in turbocharging Bitcoin, the world's leading decentralized blockchain."

Bitcoin's Decentralized Future

Brian Laughlan, OrdinalsBot's other co-founder, emphasized Bitcoin's role as the backbone of decentralized finance (DeFi). He highlighted OrdinalsBot's contribution to building data infrastructure on the Bitcoin blockchain, a crucial step for further DeFi development.

DACM CEO Richard Galvin echoed this sentiment, praising OrdinalsBot's dedication to innovation. He specifically mentioned the platform's involvement in mining the largest Bitcoin block ever, which included three of the ten biggest inscriptions recorded last month.

This successful funding round signifies OrdinalsBot's position as a key player in the evolving landscape of Bitcoin inscriptions and DeFi. With its focus on innovation and a strong team, OrdinalsBot is poised to shape the future of data storage and DeFi possibilities on the Bitcoin blockchain.


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