Render Token Unlock, Brace for Impact?

Render Token Unlock, Brace for Impact?

Apr 15 Tech Standard

Big news for Render (RNDR) investors! Nearly $7.14 million worth of tokens are about to be unlocked, sending shivers (and maybe excitement?) down crypto spines. This unlock has everyone asking: pump or dump?

It's not just RNDR. Across the crypto market, token unlocks are a hot topic. In the next week, a whopping $386 million worth of tokens are slated for release, with big names like ARB, AXS, and IMX leading the pack. These unlocks represent a significant chunk of each token's total supply, raising concerns about potential market instability. To make matters more interesting, some tokens like WLD, SOL, and AVAX experience daily unlocks, gradually increasing overall token supply. More tokens, potentially lower prices – but it's not that simple. Market sentiment and demand also play a huge role.

Despite the unlock jitters, RNDR has defied expectations with an impressive 18% rally, pushing its price to $9.28. What's fueling this surge? Positive vibes in the crypto world and some bullish technical signals could be at play. However, the picture isn't entirely clear. Conflicting signals emerge from technical indicators like the 1-Day Stochastic RSI and MACD, leaving traders with mixed messages.


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