Ripple Refutes SEC's Exorbitant Penalty Request in Ongoing Legal Battle

Ripple Refutes SEC's Exorbitant Penalty Request in Ongoing Legal Battle

Apr 23 Tech Standard

The SEC's request for a staggering $2 billion in penalties against Ripple has been met with firm opposition from the crypto company. Ripple's Chief Legal Officer, Stuart Alderoty, publicly challenged the SEC's motion, highlighting the absence of any accusations of fraud or recklessness against Ripple.

Alderoty emphasized Ripple's success on key points throughout the legal proceedings. He condemned the SEC's excessive penalty request, calling it an intimidation tactic targeting the entire US cryptocurrency industry. Despite this, Alderoty expressed confidence in the court system's fairness. He trusts the judge to deliver a balanced final judgment regarding the penalties.

This statement comes amidst a highly charged legal environment. The classification of XRP and alleged securities law violations are at the core of the ongoing Ripple vs. SEC battle. The outcome will significantly impact the fate of XRP and the broader cryptocurrency market. As both Ripple and the SEC remain unwavering in their stances, the final resolution of this landmark case remains uncertain.


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