Simplifying DeFi, Alchemy Pay and ZKFair Join Forces

Simplifying DeFi, Alchemy Pay and ZKFair Join Forces

Mar 13 Tech Standard

A major convergence is happening in the world of finance! Alchemy Pay, a leading fiat-crypto payment gateway, has joined forces with ZKFair, a community-driven Ethereum-based Layer 2 network. This exciting partnership aims to make acquiring $ZKF tokens, ZKFair's native currency, a breeze.

ZKFair stands out for its innovative approach. This scalable and efficient platform facilitates secure, cost-effective decentralized transactions using USDC stablecoin as its gas token. Technologies like Lumoz ZK-RaaS, Polygon CDK, and Celestia DA power its efficient operations.

The partnership marks a significant milestone for ZKFair. Through Alchemy Pay's user-friendly solution, users can now effortlessly purchase $ZKF tokens with various fiat currencies. No more complex conversions or middlemen - simply choose your preferred payment method, like bank transfers, credit cards, or mobile wallets. Alchemy Pay's global reach, spanning over 173 countries and 300 payment channels, ensures users can seamlessly acquire tokens in accordance with local regulations. Furthermore, their authorization by Visa and Mastercard, along with licenses in various jurisdictions, bolsters trust and security.

This collaboration empowers individuals to participate in the digital economy. By integrating a fiat on-ramp for $ZKF tokens, ZKFair democratizes DeFi (Decentralized Finance). The partnership also fosters the growth of ZKFair's Layer 2 network by bridging the gap between fiat and crypto markets, attracting new users. Both companies prioritize user experience by designing solutions that simplify onboarding and connect traditional financial systems with the decentralized economy. This strategic partnership has the potential to be a catalyst for DeFi growth and innovation, paving the way for a more secure, user-friendly, and accessible future.


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