Unveiling Polkadot, Dune and Colorful Notion Join Forces

Unveiling Polkadot, Dune and Colorful Notion Join Forces

Mar 19 Tech Standard

Polkadot enthusiasts, rejoice Dune, a leading data analysis platform, has partnered with Colorful Notion to bring comprehensive Polkadot (DOT) analytics to the Dune ecosystem. This marks a major step forward in making Polkadot and Kusama (KSM) data accessible on Dune for the first time.

Deeper Dive into Web3

This collaboration not only expands Dune's data library but also enhances accessibility. Robert Habermeier, a Polkadot co-founder, highlights the importance of clear data visualization in making complex technologies like Polkadot more user-friendly.

Shining a Light on Web3

Sourabh Niyogi, CEO of Colorful Notion, emphasizes their commitment to illuminating the complexities of Polkadot and the broader Web3 ecosystem. With this partnership, Dune users can now explore data from Polkadot and Kusama's relay chains, alongside six parachains, unlocking valuable insights into previously hidden on-chain activity. Data updates occur hourly, with plans to integrate all Polkadot parachains in the near future.

A Partnership of Value

Fredrik Haga, Dune's co-founder and CEO, echoes Niyogi's enthusiasm, acknowledging the growing demand for Polkadot data on Dune and the partnership's role in meeting that need. This collaboration empowers analysts, developers, and data teams to explore the Polkadot network with greater precision, leading to informed decision-making and a more engaged community.

Dune users can already leverage initial dashboards to analyze and interpret activity within the Polkadot ecosystem. As the partnership progresses and more data becomes available, the ability to explore the network with even greater detail will continue to evolve.


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