U.S. Scores Lobbying Win as India Reverses Laptop Licensing Policy

U.S. Scores Lobbying Win as India Reverses Laptop Licensing Policy

Mar 21 India Standard

Imagine you're planning to buy a new laptop. But suddenly, a new rule requires companies to get a license before they can import them. This is exactly what happened in India, causing a stir among U.S. officials and tech giants like Apple, Dell, and HP.

India implemented a policy requiring licenses for imported laptops, tablets, and PCs. This raised concerns about delays and a potential blow to the $8 billion Indian computer market. The U.S. government, worried about its $500 million annual exports to India, swung into action.

Behind the scenes, U.S. officials lobbied the Indian government. Emails obtained by Reuters show U.S. officials calling the policy "incredibly problematic" and urging India to reconsider. Their efforts paid off. Within weeks, India reversed the policy, opting to monitor imports instead.

This turn of events highlights the power of diplomacy and the importance of clear communication. While India maintains it acted in its best interests, the U.S. win showcases its influence on global trade policies.


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