Zomato Ditches Green Uniforms for Pure Veg Fleet After Backlash

Zomato Ditches Green Uniforms for Pure Veg Fleet After Backlash

India's leading food delivery platform, Zomato, made a quick U-turn on its plan to introduce green uniforms for a new vegetarian-only delivery service. This decision comes after facing criticism on social media, just a day after CEO Deepinder Goyal announced the "Pure Veg" fleet.

The initial plan aimed to differentiate vegetarian deliveries from regular ones using a distinct green uniform for riders. However, it sparked concerns that Zomato's vast vegetarian customer base might abandon the regular service if it meant potentially receiving deliveries from riders who also handled non-vegetarian food.

Goyal acknowledged the potential safety issues for delivery riders with red uniforms being denied entry to gated communities that restrict non-vegetarian deliveries. But he also recognized the inconvenience it could cause vegetarians facing restrictions from landlords due to Zomato's policy.

India, with over a third of its population vegetarian, has strong cultural and religious influences on food choices. Some vegetarians strictly avoid restaurants serving meat and even residences of non-vegetarians. This highlights the complexities surrounding dietary preferences in the country.

While some criticized the green uniform idea as discriminatory and promoting caste divides, others appreciated the ease of identifying vegetarian options and avoiding potential food contamination.

Zomato will continue offering a dedicated vegetarian service, but with riders in the standard red uniforms. This decision reflects their commitment to addressing both customer feedback and ensuring rider safety.


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