Bitcoin Integration with New OraiBTC Subnet Beta

Bitcoin Integration with New OraiBTC Subnet Beta

Mar 20 Tech Standard

Oraichain, a leader in AI-powered blockchain technology, is thrilled to announce the beta launch of the OraiBTC Subnet on March 19th. This groundbreaking development marks the first time Bitcoin (BTC) will be integrated into the Oraichain ecosystem, creating a smoother user experience for both BTC and ORAI token holders.

Seamless Bitcoin Integration and Enhanced dApp Functionality

The OraiBTC Subnet acts as a bridge, facilitating effortless deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin on the Oraichain network. Users can directly swap BTC for ORAI tokens and seamlessly move their BTC assets between the two networks. This functionality paves the way for future BTC transfers through IBC to various protocols within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Early Access and Rewards for Beta Testers

The OraiBTC Subnet Beta launch offers users a chance to actively participate in refining the platform before its official release. By contributing to the beta testing phase, users can help shape the future of the OraiBTC Subnet and potentially receive a special reward as a token of appreciation.

Security and Innovation at the Core

Built on a robust foundation using Nomic's architecture, the OraiBTC Subnet prioritizes security. It leverages advanced Bitcoin functionalities like Taproot and Schnorr signatures, along with a dedicated validator group, to ensure the highest level of security and integrity for all bridged assets.

A Major Step Forward for AI-Powered dApps

The OraiBTC Subnet launch signifies a significant milestone in Oraichain's mission to become the go-to platform for AI-powered decentralized applications (dApps). This integration broadens the scope of possibilities for developers and significantly expands the addressable market for AI dApps built on Oraichain.

Faster, More Capable Network

The OraiBTC Subnet launch coincides with Oraichain's successful Mainnet 3.0 upgrade, which introduces significant performance and interoperability enhancements. With its latest block time reduction to around one second, Oraichain now ranks among the fastest networks in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Expanding the Ecosystem with GPU Staking

Oraichain's team is actively working on growing the network's ecosystem, with a focus on implementing GPU Staking. This innovative approach aims to ensure that ORAI token holders directly benefit from the value created by the growing demand for AI services, while simultaneously addressing the high costs associated with GPUs needed to support AI applications running on the Oraichain mainnet.


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