Everyworld, Rewarding Users and the Environment in the Digital Age

Everyworld, Rewarding Users and the Environment in the Digital Age

Mar 13 Tech Standard

Everyrealm, a social gaming company, is shaking up the online experience with Everyworld, a novel platform built on blockchain technology. This innovative protocol combines discovery and rewarded ads, empowering users and benefiting the environment simultaneously. Backed by prominent venture capitalists with over $60 million in funding, Everyworld is poised to revolutionize how we interact with online content.

Earning While You Watch

Everyworld leverages blockchain to create a win-win situation for both users and advertisers. Users can earn rewards, starting with points, simply by watching video content on Discord, a popular social media platform for gamers. These points can be redeemed for prizes, and users can also participate in drawings for larger payouts. The unique aspect? A portion of these rewards are distributed to environmental protection organizations, fostering collective action towards a greener future.

Sustainability Through Engagement

Everyworld acknowledges the impact of the digital world on our environment. With the average person bombarded by ads equivalent to over 40 days of continuous viewing each year, Everyworld offers a sustainable alternative. Powered by the $EVERY token, the platform incentivizes both personal gain and environmental responsibility. Users' daily interactions contribute to a positive environmental impact, effortlessly transforming their habits into tangible benefits for the planet.

A Growing Community with a Bright Future

Since its beta launch on Discord just weeks ago, Everyworld has witnessed phenomenal growth. The platform boasts a thriving community exceeding 80,000 users, who have collectively earned over 500 million points. Witnessing over 3,000 video views per minute from its global user base, Everyworld demonstrates immense potential. The company promises exciting new features and continuous platform refinement, striving to build a more equitable and sustainable digital ecosystem. Everyworld empowers users, rewards their attention, and fosters a future where online engagement benefits both individuals and the environment.


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