Indian Farmers Continue "Delhi Chalo" Protest Despite Detentions

Indian Farmers Continue "Delhi Chalo" Protest Despite Detentions

Mar 06 India Standard

Indian farmers demanding higher crop prices continued their "Delhi Chalo" (Let's go to Delhi) march on Wednesday, though facing roadblocks and detentions. Launched last month, the protest initially involved thousands from Punjab heading to the capital.

Police stopped them roughly 200 km north of Delhi, forcing leaders to urge farmers across India to travel by bus and train. However, farmers reported detentions in some states, including Rajasthan, where authorities denied the claims. Other states are expected to send reinforcements on Thursday, with farmer groups reiterating their resolve to reach Delhi and fight for their rights.

This comes ahead of national elections where Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks a third term. A similar, larger protest two years ago forced Modi to repeal farm reform laws, marking his biggest political loss. The current situation highlights the ongoing struggle of Indian farmers for better livelihoods and fair prices for their produce.


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