White House Mandates Safeguards for Government Use of AI

White House Mandates Safeguards for Government Use of AI

Mar 28 Tech Standard

The White House announced on Thursday that by December 1st, federal agencies utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) will be required to implement "concrete safeguards" to safeguard citizens' rights and ensure safety as the government broadens its use of AI in a variety of applications.

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a directive to federal agencies instructing them to track, evaluate, and test the effects of AI on the public, lessen the risks of algorithmic bias, and provide the public with clarity regarding how the government utilizes AI. Additionally, agencies must do risk assessments and establish operational and governance standards.

The White House said that "agencies will be required to implement concrete safeguards when using AI in a way that could impact Americans' rights or safety," including detailed public disclosures so people are aware of how and when the government uses artificial intelligence. This is a significant step by the White House to ensure that AI is used in a safe and responsible manner.


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